We become what we acquire out of experiences that we go through in our formative years. That becomes our personality for life. It becomes very difficult for an individual to access why she or he is having a certain trait, fear or belief. Our belief systems are formed by what we witness around us in our childhood. I explored my way out of the stringent closed circuit of my thoughts to build a new person within me which made my life easier. I was programmed to think in a certain way and live by the rules of the clan. I give credit to a few people who introduced me to the path of re-programming my mind and rewiring my thoughts.  I wish to promote this journey of self-discovery and becoming what we choose, not what the world makes us. It is ok to be uncomfortable and in search. You don't need to be easy every moment. If everything is in control. either you are too slow or on the wrong track. Only when you dream about something and create it in your mind first, you can make it a reality that gives you happiness. Nobody can separate Dreams from Happiness. Put your life jacket on and become a part of our gang that can help you reach the real you. 

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