Networking - The Soul Of Entrepreneurship

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NETWORKING - The SOUL of Entrepreneurship Networking is an enrichment program, not an entitlement program. Networking with people refers to the process of building relationships and connections with other individuals for professional or personal purposes. This type of networking is often associated ...

10 Tips To Deal with Social Anxiety

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10 TIPS TO DEAL WITH SOCIAL ANXIETY Social Anxiety can be a major life-altering situation Social anxiety is a type of anxiety disorder that causes individuals to experience intense fear or nervousness in social situations. It is a common condition that affects millions of people around the world, an...

Women's Day - Not a Social Media Forwards Day !

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Women's Day It is not just a social media-forward day! Know what it means before broadcasting wishes on whats app! We give birth to Generations! We create! While it is true that some companies and organizations may use International Women's Day as an opportunity to market their products or services,...

Coping Up With Fast Pace Of Technology

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COPING UP WITH THE FAST PACE OF TECHNOLOGY { " Technology is running fast, can I cope?" The world we live in today is rapidly advancing technologically, and our social fabric is constantly evolving alongside it. With the advent of new technologies and social media platforms, it can be challenging to...

Mindfulness Tips

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mindfulness tips Say Yes to A Beautiful Life of Freedom A mindful life is lived with intention, awareness, and acceptance of the present moment. It is a way of being that emphasizes the importance of being fully engaged in one's experiences, thoughts, and feelings, without judgment or criticism. Min...
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