Career & Passion

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CAREER PASSION Your choice of career will be a factor that will define your success and satisfaction in life Choosing a career that we are passionate about is crucial for our personal and professional growth. It not only allows us to pursue our interests but also provides us with a sense of fulfillm...

Mindfulness Tips

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mindfulness tips Say Yes to A Beautiful Life of Freedom A mindful life is lived with intention, awareness, and acceptance of the present moment. It is a way of being that emphasizes the importance of being fully engaged in one's experiences, thoughts, and feelings, without judgment or criticism. Min...

Fake Leaders Fail

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Fake Leaders Fail If serving is below you, leadership is beyond you... Leadership at times is misunderstood. For some people being a leader is about being an authority monger and giving orders or enjoying the available power to the fullest. The ones who feel like that, fail badly. The one who takes ...

5 Hacks To Deal With Tough Times

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6 Hacks To Deal With Tough Times Some life situations can seem like a lock-up. We get jammed in our own thoughts and find no way out. That's when we need to use a few hacks to tackle that chaos. Life is unpredictable. No matter how many plans we make, there is always an element of surprise, difficul...
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